Entry #47


2018-03-14 12:16:34 by BenjaminTibbetts

Hello, Newgrounders! This is a brief update on my recent activities.

It's been a very busy couple of months for me. I seem to be going through a phase in my career of playing the piano a lot. As a collaborative pianist at UMass Amherst and elsewhere, I've cobbled together a truly full-time schedule of practicing, rehearsing, and performing music. I am absolutely loving this, but one resultant downside has been that non-performance projects have been put on the backburner. That said, I do still have a few updates for you:

  • My website has been renovated and updated with some new content (much of which has been geared towards my students).
  • I conducted an interview with Malcolm "Bill" Rowell, a conductor and music educator, in which I picked his brain about his career, analyzing musical scores, and being an effective teacher. Bill is a treasure trove of information and insight so it was great to chat with him.
  • Since finishing the third episode of my podcast, I indulged recently in composing a short video game loop called Bandicootie, which I uploaded here to Newgrounds.┬áThis little track takes as its initial inspiration the music from the Crash Bandicoot playstation games, but it definitely has its own thing going on as well. I'm pleased with how it came out.

Upcoming projects include a bunch of new chiptunes, which are currently sitting mostly finished on my harddrive; an audio store and library containing hundreds of unreleased tracks, some of which will be free and some of which will be for sale; and a fourth episode of the podcast, this one taking as its subject the split-brain phenomenon.

Thank you as always for following this account! Until next time...



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