Update 5/9/13: Post-Pico Piccadilly

2013-05-09 19:14:43 by BenjaminTibbetts

Hey Newgrounders,

...Goodbye Maru Mari was entered in the Mac13 8-Bit Audio Contest, and it won second place.
...My original soundtrack for gi-go's animation, The Muffin Man, was released.
...Pastoral Peregrination was used in nat29's animation, Teens' Adventure Ep. 1, and Goodbye Maru Mari was used in NoLanLabs' game, Pico Rally.
...The composition section on my website was updated; some of the new material included another set of commissioned video game music, music for solo piano, a tuba sonata and a somewhat personalized transcription of a Machaut chanson.


PS: For your viewing pleasure, here is some beautiful pixel art by Lapse. The title is "We Disappeared".

Update 5/9/13: Post-Pico Piccadilly


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2013-05-09 22:12:27

You're one of the best composers on Newgrounds... thanks for being here, and sharing!

BenjaminTibbetts responds:

Thank you very much!


2013-05-10 08:23:44

O.O awesome!

BenjaminTibbetts responds:



2013-05-15 22:09:52

When I read, "Goodbye Maru Mari", I immediately thought of Ponygone from Zatch Bell.

BenjaminTibbetts responds:

Mi mamodo es su mamodo.