Madness Music and Other Paraphernalia

2013-09-25 17:48:02 by BenjaminTibbetts

Hi Newgrounders,

The past two event days that I've participated in have been great. They've provided an excuse to check and see what some users have been up to. My own contributions to these events were audio submissions:
**Robo-Ballet was for Robot Day, and
**Super Hyperactivity 64 was for Madness Day.

Coming up: a pseudo-SNES-style soundtrack is in the works which should be ready for release in October. It will include about two hours of new music and revisited versions of a couple tracks released on NG already.

I'll end this news post with Xaltotun's Cosmic Horror, released on 9/18. Just look at that. Isn't that awesome.


Madness Music and Other Paraphernalia


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2013-09-25 22:02:13

Love the piece Super Hyperactivity 64 :)

BenjaminTibbetts responds: