Night Music #3: "Jesus Loves Me"

2015-12-29 13:59:51 by BenjaminTibbetts

Hello, Newgroundsers!

This past month, I released a new episode of Night Music, a series of recorded solo piano music which features wild improvisations upon familiar melodies. The original tracks were performed on a digital keyboard, and then the music was changed in all sorts of ways; some bits were added, other bits were removed, and much of the original material was altered in some way. The final products are half-improvised, half-composed. Night Music #1 featured the main theme from PIXAR's Inside Out and Night Music #2 featured "Westminster Chimes", a tune commonly played by clocks around the world. This past month I completed the third Night Music, a very angry rendition of the Christian hymn "Jesus Loves Me". I am working on a fourth episode right now.

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Concept art for "Inside Out"

Concept art forĀ Inside Out (source)


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2015-12-29 19:44:36

Very cool!
I'm taking piano lessons now and maybe I'll catch up to you in 20 years :P

BenjaminTibbetts responds:

Thank you, Seth! Good luck with your lessons. :)


2016-05-31 15:58:43

Hey how's work been, playing any interesting venues? Ever talk to anyone who's played on board cruise ships? I have a friend who used to be a roadie/sound manager for a ship, said it was the best job he ever had.

BenjaminTibbetts responds:

Hey, nice to hear from you! Work's been good. I spent the last two months musically directing Into The Woods with a group of kids. I also teach privately. How are you?


2016-06-07 11:55:06

Whoa, that's got to be a challenge! Wonder what's worse: teaching kids instruments or singing...
Eh, singing the black and blues man, but still walking and talking. I pointed a few ppl to your presence here recently... kids


2017-01-27 17:08:05

Yeah! Nice man and best of luck on future endeavors.

BenjaminTibbetts responds:

Thanks! Same to you. :)