Update: "Night Music", Chiptunes, and Other Music

2017-06-11 21:55:54 by BenjaminTibbetts

Hello, Newgrounds! It is good to be back. I hope you are well. This past year, I spent most of my time teaching and making music. I didn't spend time uploading music to my Newgrounds account. I intend to change that and be more regular with my updates.


Here is a brief description of the music uploaded since my last news post:

  • Night Music #4: Baby Mine - "Night Music" is a series of piano improvisations. I am very proud of this music. This fourth episode features music from Dumbo and an obscure Disney SingAlong cartoon called "A Cowboy Needs A Horse".
  • Mongols and Magicians - This is a dark, mysterious orchestral piece commissioned for a video game.
  • Baal in the Big Apple - I wrote this track for fun. I am not sure how to categorize it. It mixes 16-bit and modern sounds in a way that I hope is seamless and compelling.
  • Adventures of Guinevere, Rat Race, Ax Men, Sage in the Desert, and In The Nothing - I wrote these for fun as well. They are intended to realistically emulate and imitate classic sounds on the SNES.
  • Benevolent Tycoon - This was a commission. Like the tracks listed above, "Benevolent Tycoon" is intended to evoke memories of the SNES.
  • The Winners of the Game - This is a short orchestral loop commissioned for a college TV station.


Thank you so much for listening. If you enjoy my work, please consider subscribing to my account.





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